Search Engine OptimisationSEO - Search Engine Optimisation

The No.1 organic result is the most search engine optimised webpage. Some keywords when searched can produce billions of results. SEO is usually the first form of SEM to tackle.

Being the No.1 organic result is no accident. When searching for a topic/product/service online; search engines generate & display calculated natural results from what “keyword phrase” is searched in your specific location. The amount of variables used to calculate this result is vast. understand this equation through research, trials and testing over the past 8 years and so; we can climb those results at an astonishing rate. There are no tricks involved here, just knowledge through experience and attending search engine seminars. Knowing every rule while presenting your webpage is the foundation of great SEO. Getting to the top is never easy. Protecting and pushing the natural organic positions for keywords in search engines involves an incredible amount of stamina and effort.

When analysing a product online that seems to be in a flooded market it may appear impossible to compete or beat in a search result. It is never impossible, it simply requires execution of a better SEO strategy. This SEO strategy must exceed the imagination, intelligence, skill, determination and knowledge of predecessors bringing this product to the online market. To this day has delivered on every SEO challenge it has accepted and in most cases surpassed our target expectations.

On making a decision of what "keyword phrase" you wish to claim, perform the following:

  • Analyse the online presence of that "keyword phrase"
  • Analyse the top 4 sites competing for the "keyword phrase"
  • Give an estimate on when the SEO strategy will be complete, placing your webpage as the natural organic result for the desired "keyword phrase" accompanied by our quotation for that SEO strategy execution.

While executing the SEO strategy, will perform the following:

  • Replace on analysis/Create all of your website with our CMS (content management system) software which has been developed from scratch over the past 7 years for the sole purpose of Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Program your new website based on market statistics.
  • Layout your website and webpages to be as search engine friendly as possible.
  • Monitor and edit your website as it is submitted & processed by search engines paying careful attention to position behavior.
  • Protect and push the natural algorithmic result to the top of search engines using climbing techniques.
  • When your claimed “keyword phrase” produces your webpage at the top of the desired search engine, then we will reinforce stability to protect its position. This is what we call “The deal sealer”.

We suggest a periodic review of your search engine results. The times between reviews will depend on the size, age and nature of the product market. As a result of performing our SEO strategy your entire website will be optimised to such an extent that when pages are added they will automatically individually rank high for their title "keyword phrase" or product/topic on that page.